Due to COVID-19, we are on Enhance Community Quarantine  (ECQ) in which we have to stay at home and practice social distancing. For this reason, a lot of couples were on a not-so-distant-relationships now a days as borders of each city are closed. 

And admit it! Being stuck at home and  unable to meet your boyfriend or girlfriend can leave you feeling sad and frustrated. Though you can phone call them, email them, send instant messaging and texting them, things can become a bit routine and boring overtime. It is important to keep the spark alive and exciting.

The good thing is, you can definitely use and get creative with the internet by going on fun Virtual Dates! Yes! Virtual dates are superb way to keep your relationship fun and fresh.

Here is a list of virtual date ideas that you can do with your boyfriend/girlfriend that you surely both enjoy.  Make sure to get through each as the ideas get more interesting!

1. Play Online Couple Games for Fun

There are plenty of online games that you and your boyfriend/girlfriend can play together over the internet to digitally keep the spark alive. You can try Kindu. This couple app is probably the best way to go if you feel out of ideas in your relationship and want some inspiration. The app contains over 1000 unique romance ideas that involve both of you. It includes everything from dirty games to fun couple activities, entertainment options for you too, and various relationship-related ideas that can spice up your life together and make it a lot better.  

2. Head On A Virtual Movie Date

If you guys are movie fanatics , then, you should go on a virtual movie date. You can plan a movie session over the phone or Skype together. It might not be the same as cuddling, but watching movies online will allow you to spend some quality time with your significant other. 

Some other places you can watch movies and television shows online:

3. Do Fast Talk Game by Tito Boy

Sex or chocolate? Brief or boxer? Lights on or lights off? You always hear these fast talk questions asked by Tito Boy in his show "Tonight with Boy Abunda." And this can be a fun game that you could do with your boyfriend/girlfriend! One way of knowing your partner more while having fun. :)

5. Listen To Music Together

Listen to your favorite music together. It is the perfect way to bond with one another and have a ton of fun. Listen to the latest songs and sing along to your favorite beats.  You can also make your own radio station together, check out Blip.fm 

6. Talk Dirty and Be Naughty

It is a great way to spice things up and have fun. Talk dirty to each other and tell each other what you do to the other once this quarantine is over.  It will get you in the mood to doing so much more together. Only try this with your partner if you feel comfortable doing this with them. If both people aren’t completely comfortable with the idea, then you shouldn’t do it. 

7. Take the Myer-Briggs Personality Type Quizz Together

Take the Myer-Briggs personality quizz together at PersonalityPage.com. Myer-Briggs test, according to Wiki, is  a psychometric questionnaire designed to measure psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. You need to answer 60 questions and make sure you are honest with your choices as those answers will determine your personality type. 

This is something that you can each do and share your results with each other. Doing this, you can actually learned quite a bit about your personalities and why you do what we do. It is definitely a fun and revealing way to learn about each other.

8. Send a GeoGreeting!

There is a website that will spell out your message with satellite images of buildings around the world. Your message can be up to 40 characters long. It's one way of greeting or sending random yet sweet message to your significant other. Send your own GeoGreeting, click here.

9. Set goals for each other

This ECQ is also a time to contemplate on the things that you need to improve in your relationship. You can talk about your goals and activities that you should do together after the quarantine. Set a goals for each other to be completed once the ECQ is over! This simple idea is a great way to show you love the other person and helps you cope with separation!

10. Get married

Haha, not for real, but if you’re feeling a little silly this website might be fun. Have a virtual wedding. You do everything online: propose, fill out the marriage certificate, have the wedding, invite guests, wedding photos, and you can even divorce. Virtual Wedding Chapel.

11. Make Babies

After getting married, you make babies! When I said make babies, it's a virtual babies! Hahaha.. There are websites that you can take images of yours and your boyfriend/girlfriend and generates an image of what your future child might look like.  Check these websites and try them out: MorphThing.com and Cyberinfants.com and adopting your own virtual baby that you both can care for. Not ready for a baby?  Try adopting a virtual pet: AdoptMe.com

12. Play Draw a Stickman

Draw a stickman is a fun game that reveals a message at the end.  At the end of the game you can customize the message that appears and send it to your bf/gf’s email. It will be a cute and unexpected surprise. 

13. Go on a virtual vacation together

You can visit faraway places with your partner without having to be together and without leaving your own homes! Pick the places you’ve always wanted to take a trip to and explore. Here is a great website to get you started: 360Cities.net. You can also use Google Maps for your virtual vacation as well, but now with Google Maps’ street view function, you can virtually walk down your boyfriend/girlfriend’s street and explore the area where they live. This function isn’t available for all streets and cities though, but you’ll probably most definitely be able to see a satellite view of their home. You can also try EarthAlbum.com which combines Flickr photos and Google Maps. Just click on any place in the world to view beautiful photos taken there.

14. Use Tiktok or Duet on Tiktok

A lot of people are using tiktok now a days due to quarantine and you can definitely be able to use this app and do some duet videos that you can both enjoy doing like lyp-syncing a certain banat that is intended for your significant other. For sure it will make him/her kilig all over.


Practicing social distancing during this quarantine doesn't have to be a major deal-breaker for couples. There is no denying that being away from your boyfriend/girlfriend is tough. We hope that this post help you how to have fun with your boyfriend/girlfriend over the internet while helping everyone by staying indoor.  Afterall, this quarantine is surely not forever.

If you have any ideas to add on the list, please feel free to share in the comments below. :)


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