In this world filled with diverse perspectives and rapidly advancing technologies, it's important to acknowledge the pressures that society often imposes upon us. These pressures can make us feel unworthy or inferior, but how fortunate it is for those who can rise above them! However, for those who struggle, it is essential to address these challenges, as they can lead to depression or even the worst-case scenario - SUICIDE.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), someone in the world dies by suicide every 40 seconds. In the Philippines, suicide rates have shown an increase from 0.46 to seven out of every 200,000 men, and from 0.24 to two out of every 200,000 women between 1984 and 2005. Revealing Statistics: Nearly 20% of Filipino Youth Aged 15-24 Have Contemplated Suicide, Reports Recent Study in 2021.

The WHO has identified mental disorders such as alcoholism, depression, personality disorders, and schizophrenia, as well as certain physical illnesses including neurological disorders, cancer, and HIV infection, as the strongest risk factors for suicide. Furthermore, the way suicide is portrayed in the media can also contribute to the risk, as sensationalized reporting may lead to imitative behavior. Alexandra Fleischmann, a scientist in the WHO's Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, has highlighted the link between media reporting of suicide and subsequent acts committed by individuals.

Have you ever considered where these risk factors come from? Would you believe that, unintentionally and unknowingly, you could be someone's reason for contemplating suicide? While choosing to live may not always be within one's control, the impact of your words and actions on others can be significant, potentially shaping or damaging their belief in themselves.

I also have fallen victim to the judgmental nature of society. However, I consider myself fortunate to have overcome those criticisms that could have derailed my dreams. I would like to share with all of you the affirmations I often recite to myself during moments of sadness or discouragement. You can say these to yourself as well! My hope is that by doing so, I can help you recognize your inherent worth.

1.) You don’t have to be pretty like her/him. You can be pretty like you!

We are guilty of stalking that one perfect-we-think girl on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. Her life seems perfect. The mere flip of her hair is perfect and her boyfriend or girlfriend is perfect. Admire all you want but never forget all the good qualities that you have. Remember that there are also people who wanted to have the things that you have. Feel lucky on that and never close the site without feeling worthy about the life that you have –your family and friends. During blue days wherein you feel your family and friends seem nowhere to be found, always remember someone above is watching and will never ever leave you.

2.) If you got it, flaunt it!

Love your hair? Have that beautiful hairstyle that highlights the shape of your face. Got that long-legged feature? Buy the jeans that accentuate them or that skirt that would emphasize your figure. Just remember to do it for yourself and not for other’s approval and I assure you that you would be more happy and motivated of doing it. Moreover, you don’t have to show a lot of skin just to flourish that said beautiful features. You just have to highlight it and sometimes, less is more!

3.) Stop apologizing for everything that you do

I always found myself doing this. Stand for your right and what you believe and don’t be afraid to speak up your opinion. Stop that I-Don’t-Want-To-Offend attitude just to avoid telling someone about what you see in them. This really works for your close friends and family. By telling them what you feel, you will be able to create solid communication that would strengthen more of your relationship with them. Just make sure too that you choose the words that you use.

4.) Learn to enjoy your own company

Well, I think everyone is afraid of living alone. As cliché as it may be, “No man is an island” but this doesn’t mean that you have to always be with someone in everything that you do. Remember you got your own life and others have too. Learn to do things alone. The only reason that we are uncomfortable being alone is because we haven’t tried them. Try to go to the place that you are longing to visit alone and you will discover a lot about yourself!

5.) Prove your bravery to yourself

There are that thing that we’re always afraid to do. When something terrifies you, do it. I guarantee you that you will save a lot for yourself from the things that you are afraid to do so. Most of the time, the things that we are afraid to do are the things that we love to do. Agree? Do it even if it means diving down into a pool that is full of unknowns. You will feel braver and more resiliently equipped because of it. I tell you, there are so many wonderful things outside your comfort zone. Do it not because you are challenged to be brave of the things that you are afraid of doing but because you are afraid of not doing it and regret later.

6.) Surround yourself with positive people or the up-lifters

We all have people around who are just waiting to see us stumble in life and then push us down a bit more. They’re the diggers; the energy suckers. As much as we want them to just vanish in this world, they are unavoidable and somehow necessary. If we take them positively, they are our challenges to do more good things in life. Sometimes, positive self-talking is not enough with these negative people that is why we need to increase the number of our up-lifters as much as we can. Surround yourself with positive people who aren’t afraid to complement and make you feel good about yourself. Look for them, run in them, and never let them go!

7.) Learn not to compare your life to other people’s life

This is somehow related to the no. 1. You are allowed to look at other people’s life but never ever compare it to the life that you have. Don’t do it. Stop that, “If I am only rich like him/her, I could do this and that”. We don’t know what kind of life they are living. Be aware that the life that you currently have is another person’s wish too. Always be contented but never stop improving yourself from the old you.

8.) Remind yourself of the good qualities every now and then

These are the “Know Your Worth” thoughts. It seems too easy to spot the flaws that we have, mistakes that we have. Be guided that everyone commits mistakes but never ever forget all the good qualities that you possess. Daily affirmations are good for your soul and are guaranteed workable. Never forget to always be grateful for the things that you have. The more you do it, the less paranoid you will feel.

9.) Set goals for yourself and take them seriously

Set a daily goal, monthly goal, or even a long-term goal – whatever you want it to be. Do something for yourself that will bring positive changes in your life and feel good about your achievements. Sometimes, life is like a “Super Mario” game, you got to see how many stars you will get at the end of each level.After attaining your goal, never forget to celebrate and learn to have fun and pamper yourself.

10.) Learn to have fun and pamper yourself

They say, “All work and no fun makes a person dull” which I truly believe. Give yourself a reward. It could be a treat to a salon and get a body massage or thank yourself with ice cream just like when you are a kid who got a prize from your parents for doing good things. Learn to celebrate the small and big things in life.

Let's create a world where everyone feels valued and appreciated. Remember, you are worthy, and your dreams matter.

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